Now, I don’t always pack like this but when I have time I will pack in a more respectable, organized fashion. It’s all about utilizing the space at hand. These are some traveling hacks I’ve come across in my two years of living abroad that hopefully help!

  1. Roll your clothes – You’ve heard it before and that’s because it works. I’m guilty of sometimes tossing everything I need in a suitcase or duffel bag and zipping it up but rolling your clothes is always the way to go to save space. It’s also easier to see what’s in your case this way.
  2. Socks fit in your sneakers/runners. Just tuck them in, you can fit a few pairs if you stuff them to the top.
  3. Throw your shoes into a reusable plastic bag, like one you got at the grocery store, to save dirt from going all over your bag.
  4. Put hot water in an empty wine bottle for a homemade DIY hot water bottle. GIRLS. I credit my creative boyfriend for coming up with this idea in desperate times. Don’t boil the water all the way. Fill it up and wrap the bottle in a hand towel and lay it on your tummy to battle cramps.
  5. Electrics (chargers, plugs, transformers, etc.) in a see through bag. Keep the chords organized, it helps.
  6. Make an emergency kit – Mine is usually a mash up of a first aid kit and everything a gal may need in a pinch. A typical one should probably have band aids/plasters, Advil and/or paracetamol, Vitamin C stir in packets and throat lozenges. Don’t forget pony tail holders/bobbins and hair pins and whatever feminine hygiene products you use. This is an example of one I’m bringing to Amsterdam this weekend. There’s a mini Nivea moisturizer and Vaseline and lots of other little things I may possibly need. I also have extra eye contacts just in case.

7. THE MINIs– Typical products in a tiny bottle appropriate for travel. By typical I mean you probably already use these.

  • Dry shampoo for those days you skip washing your hair and it feels gross after the plane. It thankfully adds volume as well. I use Baptiste Beautiful Brunette, despite having red hair. It sprays on dark so you don’t have to blend it in. Baptiste’s other dry shampoos spray on a white/grey color. They make mini sizes for travel too! Super handy – pun intended (;
  • Mini roll on deodorant
  • Mini lotion like the Nivea one in my kit picture
  • Some form of chapstick for your lips

If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, purchase shampoo conditioner and all the rest at your destination. It makes it easier and you save space. Buy cheap then leave them behind you when you’re done, that way you have space on your return. I hope at least one of these ideas/hacks benefit you on wherever you may go next!

What are your travel hacks?


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  1. Great post Laura❤ My number one is to always bring a small hyrdoflask to cut down on plastic usage. I used to bring my big one but wasn’t apt to actually bring it out with me for daytrips because of the added weight. Get a small one and you will be more likely to bring it along ?

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