Hello, hello.

*This is the lovely Arlene Gill and I at my second ever event for BPerfect! Check her out: Girly Inspo Corner

I was invited to Lunn’s Jewellers for an exclusive peek at David Yurman’s new collection, so I went in July and I actually really enjoyed it! It’s pretty nerve wracking walking into a room where you don’t know anyone. But I knew it would a big step in the right direction as a newbie Belfast blogger and I’m super glad I went.

While it’s gonna sound obvious when I explain what happens at an event, I wish someone had prepared me. So if you’re a relatively new blogger or someone who is building up the courage to start a blog and find this blogpost amongst your Googling, here’s the story…

What to Expect:

1. A lot of dressed up people you recognise from online, and some you won’t know at all. But that’s okay! Everyone is there to socialise and network. The hardest part is building up the nerve to say hello to someone and introduce yourself. You will want to feel presentable so wear something you love and feel good in.

2. Socialising, and a lot of it. One blogger told me the hardest event is your first and I believe it! It’s because you’re diving in and don’t know anyone. I’m proud of myself for going to a couple now. It’s easier to go knowing you know someone there.

3. Nibbles and bubbly probably. Events will provide some sort of drink and light bite. If no food, definitely a drink.

4. Photos
People are grabbing selfies for stories and Instagram shots. There’s usually a professional there shooting the event.


– Do your research before the event on the brand.

– Look your best. People are taking photos and tons of them.

– Stick out your hand and say hello!

– Be friendly and be you!

– Some people won’t be super social with you and thats okay, that’s on them. Find ones that want to talk to you and give them your time.

– just have fun (:

*Me, Emily Desmond (check out her blog) and Cathy Martin (check out her blog: The F Words)



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