My best friend since I was 16ish is named Sarah. We found each other in choir class sophomore year of high school and she made me try Nutella. The rest was history! She’s the person I’ve been closest to since then and she’s always had my back💓 We typically text every few days and are always laughing. We are lucky we’ve stayed such great friends!

With 3,000 miles between us, it’s sweet to remind each other how much we appreciate one another. That’s why I think the BFF box is such an adorable way of showing a friend you care. I think the box design and packaging is so cute and the contents are even cuter!

This box comes complete with a card in an envelope, a shot glass, face mask, lip balm, bath bomb, two pins and chocolates.

The box smelled amazing when I opened it earlier. I know Sar would love it too.

It’s such a unique, brilliant idea for a gift! I love the concept.

*Sarah and I back in 2015❤️

*Thank you to BFF box for sponsoring this post!

What do you think? Would your BFF love it too?