The first trip of 2018 is Madrid, the gorgeous capital of Spain! I’m doing something different here and trying a travel diary style, day by day, where I update the post before, during and after then upload when I return.

Late Friday: Four university exams done and that’s me off to Spain for the weekend. Very excited to see a new country and culture as well as see my friend that recently moved over (: The trip is short because of busy schedules but should still be very fun. We are flying at 6AM so I better sleep here.

PS: I’m flying with RyanAir who happen to have a new bag policy. If you fly with them or are considering doing so, you can read about the new baggage rules here.

(Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples & floral tote from Primark)

Saturday: We adventured around walking a lot. You know a city is great when you’re happy enough to walk everywhere. Madrid is super walkable and a gorgeous spot for wandering around. I don’t speak Spanish, although I’d love to. Our friend Kavina translated and read all the signs which made everything a lot easier. Most restaurants have pictures of the dishes so you know what you’re ordering if you can’t read the menu.

  • Plaza Mayor Square – Beautiful! Didn’t bring camera and got breakfast. Hugh went back for the camera and took some photos of it.
  • Retiro Park boats – The rowing boats at Retiro Park were definitely the highlight of my day, if you go, go on them! It’s so tranquil just paddling around and having some laughs.
  • The James Joyce – Yes, we ended up at an Irish bar for a few pints while the lads watched the Arsenal match. Guinness does not travel well.
  • Raced home from the bar – boys (walking) vs. girls (taking the Metro – which I was very impressed with). Girls won. Boys say it was debatable.
  • Yatai Market – Dinner was at Yatai Market which felt like eating in a club with a lot of Asian food trucks, haha. It’s a gastronomic market that showcases Japanese, Korean and Asian street food and apparently the first of it’s kind in Madrid. It’s worth checking out.
  • And finally, we went out for the night to a few random Spanish bars including The Hat rooftop bar. Some places are very cheap and some are expensive.
    Sunday: Woke up late, got up late. Got out the door by 2pm for a day of walking and seeing sights. Two of the lads went off to a Real Madrid match while we walked around in the sun. We got lucky with the weather on Sunday, it was so nice out! The best part was the rooftop bar…Everything about it was stunning.
  • The Sunday Market – It was right outside the Air B’n’B’s doorstep and was very busy. Nice to look around!
  • The Royal Palace of Madrid – Walked there after breakfast and took some photos. Fabulous building.
  • The Temple of Debod and the little park around it – Very pretty views. Took some photos here and sat in the sun for a bit.
  • Tartan Roof – THE BEST part of Sunday. Such good vibes and so stunning! Here’s another ‘back of the head’ picture with the view.I absolutely loved the weekend in Madrid! It was beautiful and a real treat after finishing a grueling exam season. So happy I got to go and can’t wait to go back!

    Hope you enjoy it if you visit Madrid (: