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Another Autumnal Adventure

In America going all out and decorating festively for fall is the norm. Pumpkins on doorsteps, Halloween displays all over the front yard, etc. Christmas time is like this too (maybe even more extreme? Americans what do you think?) but we aren’t there yet! I’ve seen a few nice autumnal displays in shopfronts around Belfast and I think it’s safe to say I’m the only resident in my area that’s decorated outside their door. I now have three pumpkins on my little porch and I’m sure the neighbours might think I’m insane!

The New Englander I am, I missed apple cider today at a place like this. I waltzed around with a coffee instead.

Our friend Kavina joined us for a Sunday at a local farm just outside of the city. Literally only twenty minutes away! I had scouted out a pumpkin patch online and didn’t realise it was one of the busiest petting zoos in Northern Ireland, haha. We were surrounded by parents desperate to keep their screaming children busy and happy. And we were definitely the only people there without kids!

*Skirt is New Look. 

I don’t believe in photoshopping so you’ll have to deal with actual people in the background of my photos😮 (I think people are really going overboard with photoshop on Instagram but I’ll save that rant for another time).

We saw so many lovely fuzzy creatures, pet some black Labrador puppies, and even met a very angry boar who was frustrated with Hughie being too near him and his girlfriend and tried to jump the low gate. We had mini heart attacks. The angora bunnies really captured my heart.

There wasn’t too many big pumpkins around. I grabbed this medium sized one and he needs a scrub. He’s joined the other pumpkins outside my door now! 🧡 My plan is to carve them and MAYBE make soup. I’ll put tealights in the jackolanterns for Halloween but I’m not exactly sure if there’ll be trick-or-treaters around this Wednesday! I’ll get candy just in case…

Such a fun day!! Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend and are gearing up for a good week ahead!


4 Places to Stop Outside Belfast (Co. Down)

There’s a lot to see in Northern Ireland. Taking it all in is an ongoing adventure I force my boyfriend into exploring alongside me at least once a month (bless him – he secretly likes going though). I love cruising around with the radio on knowing I’m going somewhere to just roam about and take photos and be in nature in Ireland. I’ve said it before, it’s soul fuel for me!

We have ticked plenty of charming places off the list at this stage and yet there’s still so many to see. We have gone to MOST of the big touristy destinations. The one lacking being the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge (a couple posts back though you’ll see we were in the village where it’s located which is a VERY worth a visit).

This past weekend my original idea was something pretty close to Belfast. So we picked the Bangor area. We stayed in a little seaside B&B there last December and really enjoyed our time but didn’t explore the surroundings which is something a little different and definitely not as popular. There’s some seriously cool homes out that way that I enjoyed pointing at and imagining life in. I also felt particularly lucky that I saw at least twenty gorgeous dogs throughout the day. Not joking when I say I got even luckier with eight of them being sausage dogs!!! One of my absolute favourite breeds.

Places in/near Bangor

Helen’s Bay – We drove along Helen’s Bay on the main road right by it and it was pretty! But it’s also apparently a lovely beach to walk. I’ll have to go back.

Bangor Harbour – Right in the town and extending outwards, there’s a walking path for yourself and your favourite furry companion, a playground for kids, and if head into the town centre, some really great bars and restaurants.

Crawfordsburn Village – A very classy unique little village composed of a main street that’s lined with some of the nicest cars I’ve seen. If you’ve been to Cape Cod I’d compare Crawfordsburn as the small scale Chatham of Northern Ireland except no ocean. It’s tiny and there’s not much to do but it’s really really pretty and totally unlike any place I’ve seen in all of Ireland. I wish I had taken a photo of it but give it a Google if you’re interested!

Crawfordsburn Country Park – We came here kind of by accident. While driving I spotted a little sign where it looked like people were going for walks and I suggested we go there on our way back. When trying to find it, Google Maps took us here and we rolled with it. And I’m so glad we did because the foliage in the forest was spectacular. It made for some colourful shots. However, I don’t believe my Canon or even iPhone could do the vibrancy justice. It was so bright and beautiful!

So, if you like day trips and you’re in NI maybe seeking somewhere a little different, here ya go! (:

Let me know on Instagram where some of your favourite lesser known spots are!